Wednesday 5 August 2015

Academics task Buhari on transparency in anti-corruption crusade



Some academics on Wednesday urged the Federal Government to be transparent in its anti-corruption crusade.


The dons told the Newsmen in Lagos that the government should be transparent because the magnitude of the corruption by the past administrations in the country was huge.


Dr Phillip Ujomu of the Department of Philosophy, University of Benin, said that the magnitude of corruption left by past administrations was huge running into trillions of Naira.


He noted that the incumbent administration of President Muhammadu Buhari was slow but steady and well positioned to take the fight against corruption to its logical conclusion.


``The massive scale of inherited corruption must involve a lot of fine tuning. The Federal Government is making inroads in the location of monies stolen by corrupt politicians,’’ Ujomu said.


According to the don, the government needs to thread on the road less travelled in unveiling those behind corruption.


He said that the task before the government was huge and challenging since those allegedly involved in corruption were the high and mighty in the society.


``The anti-corruption war is on course. It will be a serious and challenging fight since it involves top men in the society,’’ Ujomu said.


For Prof. Sherifadeen Tella of the Department of Economics, Onabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, the anti-corruption stance of the present administration is good for the economy.


Tella said that the anti-corruption crusade was yielding fruits since Nigerians of all creed, tongue and tribe were becoming more conscious of their actions and inactions.


According to the don, reduction in corruption will impact positively on rebranding Nigeria before the international community and the world.


``The anti corruption crusade will attract investors’ confidence and support in Nigeria,’’ he said.


He said that taking the fight against corruption to its logical conclusion would ensure that those found culpable should go to jail.


``Taking anti-corruption to its logical conclusion means that persons found guilty of corruption should be jailed,’’ he said.


Another academic, Dr Moses Ogbinaka of the Department of Philosophy, University of Lagos, urged the government not to interfere with the anti-corruption process.


According to him, the government needs to harmonise the institutions vested with the prosecution of corrupt officials to delineate their proper roles.


While lauding the Federal Government’s zero tolerance for corruption, the don called on the Buhari-led government to be transparent with the process


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  1. The nigerians soo called academics ought to advocate for a counsel of thinkers to solve their nations problems. Not depend on one brain to think for 200 m brains.make decisions for all. Thats expectations for doom.